Crawling from town to town and Gallery to Gallery…

In this post I’m going to share with you some of the lovely country towns and roads in Victoria, and the fabulous art and artists that we’ve come across.

After our camp on the Great Ocean Road, we decided to head into the Grampians, because Alan had wanted to see the mountains and I was keen to see the Galleries in Castelmaine and Bendigo. Although the weather was incredibly rough and rainy, we had one night camping very comfortably in the bush at a place outside of Halls Gap called Wannon Crossing.

The next day we drove into Halls Gap, had a delicious hot lunch and the visited the beautiful studio of the paste wildlife artist Steve Morvell. We sat with Steve and talked about all things “art” and the issues that painters face and looked at his fabulous paintings.

Steve is a powerful realist painter, with a background in fine art, wildlife management and a deep concern for environmental awareness and ecology. His studio is surrounded by the bush and an abundance of wildlife and birdlife. He says that each painting is a result of drawing and painting from life. This passion is reflected in the profound sensitivity and beauty of his work. Look him up.

It is SO important that your work be a reflection of the ideas and the philosophy that really reflects what you care about and who you are. Give it some thought and see where your work takes you.

We spent a wet weekend in an undercover camping site in the racegrounds next to the Seppelts Winery at Great Western. We lit a fire, read a book or two and generally relaxed.

Monday, we toured the Seppelts factory and wandered through the maze of underground tunnels that once stored millions of gallons of Champagne produced from the grapes grown in the region. Good fun!

On to Castelmaine and Bendigo for a bit of a Gallery crawl and a couple of nights eating in the local eateries instead of camp cooking.

Sadly the Castelmaine Gallery was closed when we were there, but we really enjoyed some really fun and quirky local sculpture made from old metal bits and pieces. (Alan is very worried about my burgeoning interest in welding)

The Bendigo Gallery has a small but lovely collection of some of the Australian Impressionists and fine examples of some of the greats in portrait painting. We spent and afternoon looking at the works.